ZTE MC888 5G/4G Router

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ZTE MC888 5G/4G Router

ZTE MC888 5G/4G Router

Original price was: €299,00.Current price is: €249,00.


Buy the ZTE MC888 5G modem and enjoy 5G connectivity now!

The 5G/4G ZTE MC888 is a 5G-enabled Wi-Fi router that will enhance your internet experience.

A high-performance 5G router that integrates the next-generation Qualcomm X62 chip and delivers fully enhanced speeds, ushering in a new era of 5G.

High-speed Wi-Fi6 with a theoretical maximum speed of up to 3600 Mbps.

The high gain antenna with up to 10 dBi provides good indoor coverage.


5G NSA + SA dual mode

Supports both NSA and SA dual-mode 5G networks with faster speeds, wide coverage and key global bands.


Interconnection of internet providers and ENDC technology, high speed and wide coverage

The ZTE MC888 supports advanced 5G NR carrier aggregation (CA) technology, greatly improving spectrum utilisation, delivering higher user data speeds, higher capacity, more reliable network service and better performance. At the same time, it supports low-frequency ENDC technology to improve coverage and make signals in suburban, rural and remote areas broader and more convenient.At the same time it supports 4G Cat16 1.0Gbps LTE.


High-speed Wi-Fi6 with a maximum speed of 3600 Mbps


The MC888 uses the Wi-Fi6 standard, with a maximum Wi-Fi speed of 3600 Mbps (in ZTE labs) Using the unique 4K QAM modulation technology and a compatible mobile phone, Wi-Fi transmission speeds can be significantly improved.


Up to 64 users can connect to the 5G/4G ZTE MC888 modem.

There are 2 gigabit LAN connections, which allow you to connect the MC888 to devices via a LAN cable and enjoy high-speed internet connectivity.


High gain antenna up to 10 dBi

The unique antenna design provides up to 10 dBi of antenna gain, which increases the ability to penetrate walls and windows, resulting in a stronger signal and wider coverage. Compared to conventional products, the speed increases by 15%.


The new ZTE MC888 5G router is the perfect solution for those who want a fast and reliable internet connection. This router is capable of high internet speeds that allow you to enjoy high traffic volumes and high quality connections.

The MC888 has built-in 5G and 4G modules, so your internet connection will always be stable and reliable, even when coverage is poor or when there are no other options for internet access. Simply insert the SIM card and start using it.

In addition, this router has 4 LAN and 1 WAN ports and supports the IEEE 802.11ac wireless standard for high stability and high speed. There’s also the option to connect up to 32 devices, so you can share your internet connection with friends or family.

Use the ZTE MC888 5G/4G Router at home or at work to enhance your internet experience. Subscribe now for just €263 and enjoy a high quality and reliable internet connection.

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