Outdoor 4G outdoor antenna

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Outdoor 4G outdoor antenna

Outdoor 4G outdoor antenna



An outdoor 4G antenna helps to boost your 4G or 5G modem connection at home by providing a larger coverage area – it can be mounted outdoors, either on the house or on a special stand.

The 4G Waterproof Outdoor Antenna is a waterproof outdoor antenna that is resistant to water, frost and other harsh outdoor conditions.

Frequency range 698-960/1710-2700MHz
Size:295*175*60 mm
Gain:14/16 dBi
Polarisation: vertical and horizontal
F/B ratio:15/20 dB
Maximum input power: 50 ohms
Operating temperature:
-40 to +70
Installation pole diameter 30~50mm
Dimensions 295*175*60 mm
Weight 686g
Operating temperature -40 to +60

Set includes:
1x 4G LTE MIMO outdoor antenna
2x 15 m SMA cable


Mobile internet connection strength may be weak or even non-existent in some areas. An external 4G outdoor antenna is a great option if you want to improve the quality of your connection and avoid unwanted interruptions. The antenna is compatible with all types of mobile operator networks and can be easily installed. This external antenna can provide up to 10 times improvement in connection strength. Subscribe now and enjoy a stable connection wherever you go. Buy today and take advantage of our discount price!